An overview of the regions

An overview of the regions OLDYPAK LP

As moving to the regions is now in high demand, an overview of some of them will be useful.

Costa Blanca
Housing prices in this region are the most affordable despite the close proximity to the sea. The southern Costa Blanca is home to a number of resort towns and during the summer months there are a lot of tourists, so when choosing accommodation be sure to consider that.

A one-bedroom flat in a good area can be purchased for 70,000 euros;
A detached house with three rooms will cost on average EUR 150 000 (15 km from the sea);
A villa will cost on average €300,000 (4-5 km from the sea).
A 3-bedroom bungalow of 86 m2 and 2 km from the sea will cost on average €190,000.
In overseas buyers have a great demand for housing in the town of Alicante, located in the south of the Costa Blanca. The cost of a flat in that city will cost on average 1 500 euros / m2.

In this region the cost of housing is more expensive than the Costa Blanca. Every year, housing prices in Catalonia are only increasing, while the demand for property in this region from Russian buyers remains stable.

For 150,000 euros you will buy a flat with one room, but it will be a small size. On the wide rooms with a large terrace is not necessary to count.

Costa Brava
Buying a home in this region is often chosen by young families with children, as it is well suited to life with a child (not crowded and quiet). It is located north of the capital and the average property price is about 2500 euros/m2.

Madrid has the highest property prices in Spain. On average, a flat can be purchased for €4,500/m2. A typical flat in the city centre can be purchased for around €550,000.

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