Basque country introduces a tax on empty housing


The owners of about 15,000 houses and apartments could face a payment of €10 per square meter.

What happened? The government of the Basque Country has approved a decree on vacant housing in the autonomous community, which will come into force immediately after publication in the Official Gazette of the Basque Country (BOPV), reports profile portal Idealista.

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Details. Owners of houses and apartments that have been vacant continuously for more than two years without a valid reason will have to pay an additional tax of €10 per square meter of property. This fee will increase by 10% for each year that the house remains uninhabited, up to a maximum of €30 per square meter.

Context. According to a recent study by the government of the Basque Country, about 20,000 houses and apartments are empty in the region, equivalent to 2% of the housing stock.

Oldypak lp

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