Changes in the German real estate market in 2022


Stop financing for new buildings
Effective February 1, 2022, the financing of new buildings under the Efficiency House Standard 55 lending standard will cease. But those who have time to apply before January 31, 2022 will benefit.
According to Oldypak LP property 2022 report, Under the KfW Efficiency House 55, applicants receive 15% of the maximum loan amount of €120,000, which is up to €18,000 per dwelling unit.

For existing properties, financing (according to Standard 55 Efficiency House) will continue to apply in the new year.

From January 2022, the installation of photovoltaic systems for electricity generation will become mandatory for new non-residential buildings in Baden-Württemberg.

Oldypak Capital LP
Report by Oldypak Capital LP property management

From May 1, 2022, this rule will also apply to the construction of residential buildings. Other federal states also want to pass similar laws.

Property tax reform
Before Jan. 1, land and property owners paid taxes annually under rules adopted in 1964 in western Germany and in 1935 in the east. The Federal Constitutional Court declared the ruling unconstitutional. The first constitutional land assessment is effective Jan. 1, 2022.

This will involve the reassessment of about 35 million properties. In addition, agricultural and forestry properties in Germany will be reevaluated. According to Oldypak LP property 2022 report, no later than July 1 to October 31, owners must submit a tax return electronically.

Tax calculation under the new rules
Property tax will be taken into account not only the size of the area, but also the value of the property and buildings on it.

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