Features of buying property in Italy


According to Oldypak Capital LP report, the Italian property market has always attracted investors from the most remote corners of the world.

The pricing policy of the country in this matter has developed quite unusual. For most countries, a phenomenon when the cost of housing in resort areas at times exceeds the price of square meters in remote areas. Here, things are a little different. Almost all real estate in the south of Italy is much more affordable than the rest of the country. Particularly in towns like Sicily and Calabria. Policy is set up so that potential buyers simply do not want to spend time traveling to northern, remote areas, thereby shortening their holiday. Demand does not influence the formation of inflated prices.


The appeal of the properties is due to the luxury of the region. The ecology is simply impeccable, the location is not far from the sea, the peace and quiet. At the same time, the southern regions attract tourists, and when holidays are not planned, the buildings can be rented. There is even a certain group of investors who are always looking to buy property in Italy and use it exclusively for tourism purposes. Demand for rentals is always at a peak, so the purchase will not stand idle. There are also monopolists who buy several flats, villas and houses at the same time, building their own tourist business.

Oldypak LP
Oldypak LP

It is worth adding that the price per square metre in a building adjacent to the sea will be less than in Moscow. This is another indisputable argument forcing people to invest systematically. Between the two options: buying a home in the state capital and the purchase of a villa in one of the most luxurious countries in the world, which will bring income, and after a year will fully justify itself, it is not so difficult to choose.


It is worth noting that the purchase of real estate in Italy is actively pursued in the area of buildings that require major repairs. You can buy one of the outdated structures in the resort area, which are presented in abundance, and make repairs to it. It is worth preparing that restoration and modernization will cost even more than the property itself. However, the investor will receive a decent dividend after the work is finished, if the property is sold on the market price. This area is in its heyday and most of the investors that visit the country are actively involved in it.

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