German statisticians calculate average size of apartments in Germany


A German apartment in a decade has become more spacious by 1 square meter, the statistics office calculated. A German resident can count on average 47 square meters of living space.

Apartments in Germany are getting larger, according to data from the Federal Statistical Office in Wiesbaden released Wednesday, July 29. By the end of 2019, the average apartment area in the Federal Republic was 91.9 square meters, one square meter more than in 2010.

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There was an average of 47 square meters of living space per German resident in 2019 (46.7 in 2018 and 45 square meters in 2010). Experts took into account not only apartment buildings, but also one- and two-family homes.

The apartment market in Germany in 2019 was 42.5 million residential and nonresidential properties, statisticians calculated. That’s 277,400 more units (0.7 percent) than the year before. And since 2010, the figure has increased by 5 percent, or 2 million apartments.

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