Housing prices go down in Paris, rising in the provinces


What happened? According to notaries of Greater Paris, who register transactions, the average cost per square meter in the French capital by March 2021 will be about € 10,700. Back in November 2020 the figure was €10,850, RFI writes.

Quote. “The coronavirus pandemic and the first isolation have made many city dwellers think about their surroundings, and especially in Paris,” says the quarterly review of notaries in the capital. – “Parisians are moving to regions close to the city, such as Normandy, Perche and Burgundy.

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Prices in the regions. In Burgundy, for example, even in January 2020, a potential buyer had to pay € 1 310 per sq.m. housing. And by the end of the summer the price rose to € 1,750 per “square meter.

Foreigners. In 2015, the share of transactions with non-residents in the 6,7,8 and 16 districts of Paris was 17%. And by the end of the third quarter of 2020 it had fallen to 9.4%.

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