How much the accommodation will cost. Approximate cost in Paris

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The average price of 1 m2 in Paris is currently 7-10 thousand euros, the average price in the provinces is 2-6 thousand euros.

Buying a real flat in Paris is still a prestigious business and promising in the long term.

At the moment in the “heart of Paris” (I, II, III, IV districts), near the Louvre, the Opera House, City Hall, Notre Dame Cathedral, the prices for three or four-room flat is 6-14.000 euro 1 m2. Rent: 45-60 euro 1 m2 per month.

The V district (Sorbonne, Patneon, Jardin du Luxembourg) is the student area. Here 1 m2 costs from 5.5 to 7 thousand euro. Rent student “studio” – about 900 euros per month, other housing – 45 euros 1 m2.

In the neighboring VI district, amazingly located between the boulevards Montparnasse, Raspail and Saint-Michel, many want to live, and prices here are higher. Flats overlooking the green Luxembourg Gardens are up to 12,500 euro 1 m2.

High-prestige, quiet, high-quality district VII is between UNESCO building, Eiffel Tower and a museum Orsay with a cathedral of Invalides (and a tomb of Napoleon) exactly in the middle. However, the rental price of 1 m2 in a large apartment does not exceed 40 euros, while the price of 7-10,000 euros per m2 can be bought.

The suite surrounding the Champs-Elysées in the “inaccessible” VIII district is hardly cheaper – 13.000 euro 1 m2, but there are inexpensive flats around the Saint Lazare station, for example on rue de Mosca.

Prices drop sharply in the IX, X, XI districts: Clichy – Gare du Nord and Gare de l’Est, Place de la Bastille and Place de la Nation.

Leaving the complex mosaic of neighbourhoods and prices in the XII, XIII, XIV and XV districts of Paris to specialists, we note a pleasant surprise: prices in the most aristocratic XVI district have become affordable: A reasonably green, moderately commercial and super-refined space between the Russian Embassy (bairn Lannes), the cosy streets of Passy, the esplanade of the Palais de Chaillot overlooking the Eiffel Tower and the famous Place du Star (Etoile-Charles de Gaulle).

On the other side of the Star is the pretty and fairly appreciated XVII arrondissement, where prices are slightly lower.

Montmartre (XVIIIth arrondissement) offers unique streets rising to a historical hill, a grand panorama of Paris, at the foot of the Moulin Rouge cabaret and Place Pigalle with surrounding “sex shops” and “sex theatres”. It’s also home to the biggest fabric market, Saint-Pierre, and the perennial hustle and bustle of the cheapo Tati.

It’s not inconceivable that someone would enjoy the inexpensive Nineteenth and Twentieth arrondissements. The Centre des Sciences, the lovely park of Butte Chaumont, the Père-Lachaise cemetery and the numerous cheap shops make these districts acceptable to the unassuming inhabitant.

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