Rental housing in Italy continues to rise in major locations


Rates in some capitals start at just €4.3 per “square” per month.

New data from Idealista for October shows almost stable rental prices in October (-0.1%) compared to the previous month – €11.4 per square meter. Residential rental prices rose by 5% over the year, returning to positive results in all the dynamic markets most affected by the pandemic, such as Milan, Bologna and Florence.


More than half of the capitals surveyed – 47 of 91 – are showing positive changes.
From September to October, rates declined most in Massa (-10.2%), Prato (-6.8%) and Vibo Valentia (-6.2%). And the most notable increases were in Ragusa (12%), Cagliari (10.7%) and Agrigento (10.4%).
Among the major capitals in the monthly increase in rates leads Florence (2.9%), followed by Venice (2.6%) and Milan (2.3%).
Milan remains the most expensive city for tenants with an average rent of €19 per square meter per month. Next come Florence (€15), Venice (€14.5), Bologna (€14) and Rome (€13.3). The cheapest capitals for renting accommodation – Vibo Valentia (€4.3) and Caltanissetta (€4.4).
By the way, experts have recently told how the prices of housing in major Italian cities have changed.

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The provinces of Massa Carrara (-28.6%), Latina (-18.7%), Grosseto (-15.3%), Oristano (-13.6%) and Rimini (13.4%) saw the largest monthly drop in rents.
Prices rose the most in Ragusa (5.5%), Caltanissetta (5.5%) and Isernia (5%).
Grosseto (€ 20.6 per square meter per month) is the most expensive province for rent. It is followed by Ravenna (€19.3) and Milan (€18.2). On the opposite side are Caltanissetta (€4.8) and Isernia (€5).

Between September and October, rents fell the most in Basilicata (-5.9%), Calabria (-3.6%) and Marche (-2.8%).
Friuli-Venezia Giulia (6.2%), Umbria (2.8%), Valle d’Aosta (1.9%) and Lombardy (1.6%) are leaders in price increases.
Among the regions of the most expensive rent of housing – in Lombardy (€ 15.7 per square meter per month). Next comes Valle d’Aosta (€13), Tuscany (€12.7), Lazio (€12.4) and Trentino-Alto Adige (€11.5). The cheapest place to rent in Molise – only €5.5 per square meter per month.

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