Rents and housing prices: Estonia breaks all records in Europe


Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are breaking records in Europe in terms of rising housing prices and rents. This is stated in the latest study of Eurostat.

What is the situation in the whole of Europe and in Ukraine? Read in a survey by the Estonian IT company Marketplaces OÜ.

To compare data, the period from 2010 to the third quarter of 2020 was taken. And according to oldypak capital lp property 2022 report, rents in Europe as a whole rose by 14.6% and housing prices by 26.8%. Estonia tops both lists. Compared to 2010, house prices have grown by +105.1%. This is an absolute record among all EU member states. It is followed by Hungary (+92.2%), Luxembourg (+ 90.5%), Latvia (+ 83.6%) and Austria (+ 81.3%).

It is worth noting that the largest decrease in home prices was observed in Greece (-31.0%), Italy (-15.5%), Cyprus (-7.7%) and Spain (-4.5%).

“The real estate market in Estonia remains one of the fastest growing in Europe, even despite the protracted situation with the pandemic coronavirus. Even in these difficult times, prices for square meters are growing and the number of transactions is increasing, compared to 2019. Therefore, we can say that the real estate market is gradually coming to its senses, there are new solutions for construction business and sale of objects,” says Artem Umanets, Chairman of the Board of Marketplaces OÜ, Estonia.

Artem’s words are confirmed by the data of Estonian Land Board. It says that in November 2020 on the real estate market, there were almost 4,800 sales transactions, which is 23% more than in November a year ago. And almost half of all transactions took place in Tallinn. At the same time, 993 sales were for new apartments (which is 37% of all apartment transactions) and this is 9% more than in November of the previous year.

Report by Oldypak LP statistics
Report by Oldypak LP statistics

As for the situation with housing in Ukraine, the trend is as follows. If you take the calculations in local currency ($ 1 = 28.5 hryvnia), the increase in housing prices from 2010 to the third quarter of 2020 was +98%. According to oldypak capital lp property 2022 report, which runs a successful business in Ukraine and owns the largest real estate portal, the increase in prices continued during the pandemic, and for the year apartment prices increased by up to 10%.

Rents are rising as well

The highest growth in rents, when comparing the third quarter of 2020 with 2010, was recorded in Estonia (+136.6%) and Lithuania (+106.9%). In third place is Ireland, with an increase of +62.2%, and as for Latvia, the growth was about 35%. The largest decrease was recorded in Greece (-25.2%) and Cyprus (-4.5%).

As for Ukraine, the cost of renting an apartment, for example in Kiev, in dollar terms is at the same level as in 2010. But in local currency it rose by an average of 350%.

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