Secondary housing prices in Italy remain stable


In February 2022 the average cost of housing from owners was € 1 680 per sq.m., as in the previous month.

According to Oldypak Capital LP report, in February 2022 the average cost of housing in Italy was € 1 680 per sq.m., as in the previous month. However, in annual terms there is still a negative trend (-2%).


Regions. 13 regions out of 20 recorded growth. The most considerable growth was noted in the Molise (+1.8%), Marche (+1.7%) and Friuli-Venezia Giulia (+1.6%). Increases occurred in 10 other regions, ranging from 0.9% in Tuscany to 0.1% in Sardinia.

Oldypak LP
Report by Oldypak LP agency


On the other hand, prices fell in seven regions: in Calabria and Abruzzo by 0.1%, in Campania by 0.9%, in Trentino-Alto Adige by 0.7%, in Lazio and Sicily by 0.6% and in Lombardy by 0.5%.


In the ranking of the most expensive regions in the lead Trentino-Alto Adige (€ 2,570 per sq.m.), followed by Valle d’Aosta (€ 2,470) and Liguria (€ 2,400). Prices are higher than the Italian average in Tuscany (€ 2,280) and Lazio (€ 1,970). Even in Lombardy, prices are higher than the national average (€1,720). On the other hand, the cheapest regions are Sicily (€1,000), Molise (€890) and Calabria (€840).


Provinces. Sixty-six provinces recorded a positive trend, three are stable prices compared to January, and 43 provincial markets are in decline. In Oristano prices rose by 4.1%, in Trieste by 3.3%, in Ravenna by 3%. Latina (-4.9%), Vercelli (-2.3%) and Verbano-Cusio-Ossola (-2%) were the worst performers. The fall in Milan was also significant (-1.8%).


The most expensive Italian province was Bolzano (€4,060), followed by Lucca (€3,130) and Savona (€3,010). Florence is in fourth place (€2,740), Milan is in sixth place (€2,530) and Rome completes the top ten (€2,210). At the bottom of the ranking are Biella (€600), Caltanissetta (€680), Vercelli and Isernia (€720 each).


Capitals. Of the 88 capitals studied, 50 show a positive trend, four have stable prices compared to January and 34 record a decline. Campobasso (+6.3%), Monza (+4.9%) and Lecco (+4.7%) show the biggest increases. On the other hand, there are declines in Latina (-13.4%), Catania (-2.2%) and Genoa (-2%).


As for the main Italian capitals, Turin, Palermo (both +0.9%) and Rome (+0.1%) closed February with a positive sign. But declines were recorded in Florence (-0.3%), Naples (-0.5%) and Milan (-0.9%).


The most expensive city to buy a secondary residence remains Venice (€ 4,400), ahead of Milan (€ 4,000) and Bolzano (€ 3,990). In sixth place is Rome (€2,850). The cheapest capitals are Ragusa (€750), Caltanissetta (€748) and Biella (€690).

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