The cost of flats in Spain in 2021

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Buying property in Spain is both a good investment and a holiday home. But it takes a lot of work to invest money correctly and profitably. How much is a flat in Spain? This is one of the most important questions, and not the last one, that will arise on your way to the long-awaited apartment.

Deciding on the choice Before you go to meet your dream apartment, you need to answer a few questions that will greatly facilitate the search: Why do I need a flat on the Spanish coast. Where exactly do I want to live. How to avoid middlemen. How does the deal go. to the content How to choose a place In solving the first question, first of all, it is important for what purpose you need your home in this country. If you want to spend your summer holidays in your own accommodation, and not spend money on expensive hotels, that is one thing. That is not the case if you are planning on staying there permanently. Bear in mind that Spanish accommodation, even new, is not designed for the winter season, which means that there is no heating system. You won’t even count on air conditioning if the temperature drops to 5 degrees plus. Moreover, if your accommodation will be situated at the seaside, you can be sure that the neighbours will all move out by the autumn. Hence the conclusion: if you are going to use the flat permanently then you need a house with a gas supply so you can install a gas or electric boiler after the purchase.

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The second question is which part of the country to choose. Which is better: a flat on the sea in Spain, or it is better to buy away from the coast, or maybe pick a house where there is an opportunity to realize themselves professionally? All these questions require you to answer, because the villa by the sea – it’s certainly prestigious, but if you need a job, not the fact that you’ll find it there. For example, if you go to Andalusia, a region favoured by wealthy tourists, it’s easy to get a job in the service sector. But in Barcelona, there will be difficulties with the language, because they speak Catalan, which is quite different from Spanish in general. to content How to look for a flat If you do not plan to overpay, then you have to do the whole process on their own, without the help of intermediaries. And you will not need to start with Russian-language sites on the Internet, where you will be offered to buy an apartment in Spain by the sea with a markup of 50 thousand euros. Visit only the Spanish sites, consult with friends who have already made such deals, read reviews and blogs on the web. Choosing a flat, keep in mind that the Spaniards consider the area from wall to wall, that is, housing in 90 square meters. m. would mean that this area is occupied entirely by the entire flat, but the residential of it turns out only 70-75 squares. In the end, buy yourself a tour of the country, rent a car and drive around the regions. It will still be cheaper than paying a middleman. That way you can definitely decide on the region and, yes, the flat itself. It is best to find a Russian-speaking “hester,” who will help you sort out the contract, obtain the loan, checking out the property. Fee for the services of such a person is not too great – 1% of the deal. But the result is still spend less than using the services of intermediaries. It should be noted that buying a property in Spain by the sea and in any other part of it can be a legal entity and an individual. To do this, you must: sign a preliminary agreement with the seller specifying the terms and method of payment. At this stage, the buyer must pay 10% of the agreed value of the housing; get a foreigner identification number in the local police department; open a bank account and transfer the funds to pay for the transaction. Then, within a month, the transaction itself is completed. For this, an appointment is made with the notary, during which the remaining amount of the contract is deposited. Remember to ask the notary for a copy of the document, also certified by him. If necessary, your entire family can be included in the agreement to make obtaining a multi-visa easier.

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