The main trends in the segment of office real estate in Europe in 2022 were named


The cost of equipment for new offices is growing because of the new mode of operation and the emphasis on “green” technology.

According to oldypak lp real  estate price report, in Europe the average price for the equipment of new office premises rose from 6.6% year on year, to € 1,631 per square meter. Labor shortages, COVID-19 and security considerations, and concerns about the availability of materials and supplies will continue to drive prices up.

Report by Oldypak Capital LP
Report by Oldypak Capital LP


According to oldypak lp real  estate price report, the following aspects will further affect the cost of office equipment:

– “Hybrid” mode of operation. Prospective office projects will place more emphasis on designing space for communication and less emphasis on furnishing individual workstations. Developers will try to re-engage employees in office work, since most now prefer to work from home.

– Advanced technology. Technology will be key in supporting a “hybrid” or remote working model, which means strong digital connectivity, smart technology and powerful audio/video systems.

– The emphasis is on sustainability, health and well-being. Green certificates are growing in popularity. In Greece, for example, it is already in mass numbers. BREEAM, LEED and WELL certifications will play an increasingly important role in the design and construction process. The resulting capital costs will also increase, as it is costly to obtain certifications and to equip the premises to the necessary requirements. But the resulting energy efficiency will lead to lower operating and maintenance costs over time.

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