Whole house or separate apartment – what is easier to earn income in Germany


It is possible to make money on residential real estate in different countries. Germany comes to mind as one of the first: here the market is literally “sharpened” to generate income. To do this, you can buy an individual apartment, or you can buy a whole house. But what will be the difference? What is right for you?

What is more profitable – the purchase of an apartment or an entire house? It’s clear that the house is usually more expensive. Perhaps the choice of apartments in the market is wider – although this fact is not controversial. What other differences are there? Experts Ekaterina Demidova (DEM Group) and Sergey Kumekov (Investix) told us.

– The investor expects just a passive income, does not want to go into the heart of the processes and the problems that arise. How closely will the owner of the apartment and the house have to manage?

oldypak lp
oldypak lp

– There is no appreciable difference. Every apartment building in Germany is supervised by a management company. The apartment owner has two options: either to hire an intermediary (another company or even a private person, not a certified professional), or to deal with the management company personally. Even in the second case, communication can be reduced to a minimum. For example, it is possible not to go to the meetings of tenants at all and just follow the decisions of the majority.

The owner of the block of flats will have to hire a licensed company to manage the building. It seems that in this case there are more possible problems…

Of course, apartment management requires less effort, and it is easier to service a house with one owner than a house with several owners. In the latter case, the company needs to be more competent both in financial and legal issues. But a really professional management company in this example will not take up the owner’s time and will provide him or her with a literal passive income.

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